11:00 — 12:00
Noguchi Residence, Karaku-an

京都府京都市, 604-8233
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Join Kimiko while she introduces her work, taking you on a journey through her practice and intention. Space is limited, please make a reservation to get a seat! In Japanese only.

2ヨシダ キミコ[ 絵画(パオロ・ウッチェロ画サン・ロマーノの戦い)]、セルフポートレート、2010


Kimiko Yoshida


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Artist talk: All that’s Not me.

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    Kimiko_Yoshida-72Kimiko Yoshida was born in 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. She met Jean-Michel Ribettes in 1996, and now lives in Paris, France, and Venice, Italy.
    Statement Art is a subtle process of transposition, an assiduous struggle with the state of things. The only raison d’être of art is to trans- form what art alone can transform. The question is not an insig- nificant “Who am I?” The more essential question is that of identifications: “How many am I?” Remember John Lennon: “I am he as you are he as you are me…”
    All that’s not me, that’s what interests me. To be there where I think I am not, to disappear where I think I am, that is what matters. My work is a reflection upon the division between representation and meaning, representation and disappearance, representation and absence, signifier and signified… I’ve turned my back on any “quest for identity” and what goes with it: appur- tenances and “communities”, “gender” and heredity.
    The self-portrait isn’t a reflection of oneself, but a reflec- tion on the representation of oneself. Otherness and alterity, dissemblance and dissimilarity constitute what is unique in a work of art. It is this alterity that alters the representation and aims towards the abstraction.


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